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Ladybugs N Love Home Page

We are so excited to help you with your journey!
Please do not hesitate to call me (Kelly Rumbaugh)
 if you have any questions!
(410) 596-8250 EASTERN TIME
Ladybugs 'N' Love
~~connecting families an ocean apart~~
This site is for the adoptive parent who
 needs a fast, inexpensive way to keep
in contact  with their child, 
 a foster family,  an orphanage,
 or any other contact in China.
***ATTENTION**** 5/12/15

FYI - We are getting some kick back from SWI directors about second requests for updates. If you have asked thru your agency then we kindly ask you to wait patiently for the update thru them. Several Directors have told us they are doing extra work to do "double" updates. If you have requested thru CCCWA (your agency) it can take up to two months for your update - especially if not a partnership orphanage with your agency. I know this STINKS but we have to be very careful about making extra work for the staff that is most likely already over worked. Thanks!!! Please feel free to call me if you are unsure whether to order or not.

Currently the following orphanages are not 
working with us for these items.... 
KunMing, Yunnan
BeiJing CWI
Hangzhou SWI
Chongqing ( need LOA BEFORE UPDATE)
Feng Cheng
Shang Hai will not provide any information including cake pictures.
 Guangzhou CWI , no updates, no care packages.
 Gao Zhou in Guangdong province no updates, no pictures. 
Gui Lin and Nanning in Guangxi no pictures, no updates.
 GanSu province no updates and pictures.
Huhhot CWI, Inner Mongolia - no updates 
ZhaoQing SWI in Guangdong province  - no updates
Urumqi - no updates
Henan province - no  updates

We are so blessed by your business.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Angela and Kelly

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