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Orphanage call
   We are making orphanage calls!
Angela spent over 4 years as a facilitator for an American adoption agency.  She  forged relationships with many SWI personnel in this time.  Angela has made over 1,000 orphanage calls to date.  She knows the culture and boundaries set by the various orphanage staff. 
We have received photos from approximately 95% of these calls. We have been getting video more often as well.
  Angela has a way with the SWI staff and she can usually get most questions answered within 7-10 business days. 
*We have even been able to get new information
for prospective parents in the 48 hours window
 for locking in a file on the shared list.*

We are always willing to try to ask for updates and have successfully asked for more medical information and tests for some of our clients.


If we ever receive sensitive new information about your child, the first call we make is to your agency to notify them.
(for instance, we have found that a child has passed away...or has had surgery...or has a  new medical condition.)
****May 12, 2015***

KunMing, Yunnan
BeiJing CWI
Hangzhou SWI
Chongqing ( need LOA BEFORE UPDATE)
Feng Cheng
GANSU province SWIs
Shang Hai no updates - accepts packages
 Guangzhou CWI , no updates, no care packages.
 Gao Zhou in Guangdong province no updates, no pictures. 
Gui Lin and Nanning in Guangxi no pictures, no updates.
 GanSu province no updates and pictures.
Zhengzhou,Henan - no photos and no updates
Huhhot CWI, Inner Mongolia - no updates 
ZhaoQing SWI in Guangdong province  - no updates
Urumqi - no updates
5/12 - Most of the Henan province (no update)

With this update you get:
new sizes of your child -
usually height, weight, # of teeth,

foot size, head circumference

You get to ask 10 additional questions

We ask for photos of your child
THERE IS NO GUARANTEE  any of this information will be given to us but we do offer your money back if the SWI does not cooperate with us.
If the SWI does give us the information but cannot give us photos you money will NOT be refunded.

All answers and photos are directly e-mailed from Angela to you!  This is usually within 7-10 business days after your order. 
Calls are only made Monday thru Friday.
It is not necessary to order a camera or thumbdrive for the call. Most SWI's have a digital camera they use.

If you need any questions answered, please contact me via e-mail at
or call 410-596-8250

Childs chinese name and birth date as well as any special needs (for I.D. purposes):
Orphanage name and province:
Ten additional questions (This box is very large so just keep on typing!):
Your adoption agency:
Do you have LOA/LSC?:

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