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We are excited to be able to offer care packages
for your waiting children!
 Ladybugs N Love can mail to most
 orphanages and even to
 children in foster care (via the orphanage)!

After ordering you will receive
an e-mail giving you instructions
on how to send your letter and any photos.

Once Angela purchases your items
she will send you a photo so you know what you sent!

Thanks for using our service.
If you have any questions, please e-mail Kelly at

Our packages are based on a
"build your own" system.
You first order the BASE CARE PACKAGE
and then you can ADD-ON items
to complete your package

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Add on a Photo Pillow
Angela has purchased a special machine to heat seal a
photo on to a beautiful pillow for your child.
Many times the children so not have soft luxeries such as a pillow.
What better gift than a pillow with the face of mommy, daddy, or the whole forever family?
*Please be sure to purchase the base care package when purchasing this item***

add on clothing
We can purchase a seasonal outfit for your child!
Please give the most recent weight and height you have for your child.
If you have any clothing requests please just ask!
height and weight of your child ( also include how many months ago this was taken):
special request for type of clothing.:
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
Angela will include a SASE back to her address.  She can receive the letter for you and translate it. (charges apply at 25% off).
This is a wonderful idea for older kids who would love to correspond with their new family! Angela will mail you the original letter/artwork to your home in the US/country of origin
*Including this in your package for answers to questions in your letter has not been successful for us- BUT -you are certainly welcome to order it for this purpose if you wish*
Three photos with labels
We can send three loose photos with labels on the back.
We will enclose them in an envelope
*Please be sure to purchase the base care package when purchasing this item*


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