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Appreciation Donation for Angela

Catalog > Appreciation Donation for Angela

Some of our clients have asked if they could "tip" Angela for her services.
I have come up with an "Appreciation Donation" for you to use if you desire.
This money will go straight to Angela just like all other funds for services.
Angela's sole means of employment is this service.  She works well into the evening as well as repeatedly calling orphanages.  (Sometimes she has to "remind" them you are waiting) 
We are in no way asking for you to tip her.  I just want to have this option available for you if you feel led to give a little extra.
Angela and I are so blessed by your kind hearts.  We believe you are the true heroes!  You have stepped out of your comfort zone and into the world of adoption.  YOU will provide a loving family for a child who desparately needs it.  We wish we could help YOU with funding....our service is the least we can do for you!
donation amount:5.00 donation for Angela $5.00
10.00 donation for Angela $10.00
15.00 donation for Angela $15.00
20.00 donation for Angela $20.00
25.00 donation for Angela $25.00
30.00 donation for Angela $30.00
35.00 donation for Angela $35.00
40.00 donation for Angela $40.00
50.00 donation for Angela $50.00
A Message for Angela:

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