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Ladybugs 'N' Love is pleased to announced our new Dossier preparation service for China families! This service works in partnership with your placing agency and home study agency to sift through the paperwork process of compiling your documents. Not only does this service allow you to relax about the paper chase--- it also provides you with listening ear and an empathetic heart as your travel the adoption journey full of peaks and valleys.

Kelly Rumbaugh will head up this service as she is based in the US and has compiled 8 dossiers of her own to adopt her children from China. She truly has her “thumb on the pulse” of Chinese adoption and is well connected with agencies in the US. She has experience with expedited adoption and can contact USCIS to try to push paperwork through the red tape. Kelly is highly organized and passionate about bringing children home quickly and without delay.

Our service includes:

  • Coordinating the acquisition and preparation of all documents for your dossier

  • Coaching you through the process of obtaining your Vital Records and the preparation of all the required documents.

  • Organizing your adoption paperwork and keeping close attention to detail so you are free from worry and aggravation of the paper chase

  • Contacting your placing agency and forming a partnership during your paper chase and document preparation

  • Looking over your document for clerical errors and notary issues.

  • Guidance through phone calls and email to aid you in collecting documents only the family can obtain

  • Providing a listening ear and encouragement throughout your adoption (It doesn't end at the dossier!)

  • Obtaining your state seals for your dossier documents (does not include fees charged by state)

Our service charge is $400.00 for compiling your dossier documents including two states. Each state additionally will be a $50.00 charge.

*Fees not included in this service are notary fees, state fees, federal fees, embassy fees, courier fees, and photocopying fees

Ladybugs N Love dossier preparation service can meet all your paper chase needs. We are excited to create new relationships with our families in this way!

Kelly is available by cell at (410)596-8250

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