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Can I send my own items to Angela and can she forward them to the Orphanage?
Yes, Please find Angela's address below:
Shen Hui Ying
Shi Shang Jie Qu East 19#, Room 6102
No. 8 Yun Jing Dong Road, Tong Zhou District
Beijing China 101121
Tel: 1186- 15901222257
Please be sure to make us aware you are sending the package.  The charge will be the cost of shipping plus 20.00 for Angela. (If you are adding to a package ordered thru us there are NO additional charges)
Can you make an orphanage call for a child in foster care?


How soon can we make a call?

We agree with agencies that you should have your PA first.
If this is a call researching the child for a SN referral acceptance...
then of course, any time.

Does the orphanage care if we call them?

We have found most orphanages are happy to hear their child is matched.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to share this news with them for the first time.  No orphanage has to work with us but most have and most are happy to supply the new family's information along with new photos.

How long does it take to get answers for an orphanage call?

We usually call within 48 hours of your order.
It is likely we will have information for you within a week.
We like to say approx 7 - 10 days from the call is when
 you can usually expect information


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